Located on Glen Drive, in the heart of downtown Coquitlam, this Socialhouse is conveniently located for mall-goers, students, and families; just blocks away from Lincoln Station on the Evergreen Line. Known for friendly staff and genuine smiles this cozy spot is just right for a memorable dining experience. As you arrive you’ll see a twenty seat island bar, a brightly lit mosaic lounge and a candle lit dining area.

Come see our 70,000 piece, hand crafted Italian marble floor. It’s spectacular. With nineteen flat screen TVs, and great tunes to lighten the mood, Town Centre is perfect for any occasion.

The menu is built to fulfill everyone’s needs. The freshly prepared, impeccable quality and perfect presentation will never go unnoticed. Whether it’s a quick lunch, a birthday celebration, or casual dinner with friends, Browns Town Centre is ready to party and is excited to meet you. 


Monday to Thursday 11am - 12am
Friday 11 am - 12am
Saturday 10am - 12am
Sunday 10am - 12am
Brunch served weekends & holidays from 10am - 2pm